Early photographs of the church interior show an organ divided in cases on each side of the Chancel. This instrument, two manuals and pedals with tracker action, remained in place until about 1925 when it was removed and subsequently re-erected in Highley Parish church Shropshire.

Before this, in 1911, a new organ had been given to the church by Theodore Lloyd in memory of his mother, and erected in the West gallery. At one time galleries also extended the full length of the North and South aisles. This 1911 organ, by Morgan & Smith of Brighton, forms the basis of the present instrument. It had pneumatic action, was hand blown and had 9 stops on the Swell (all of which remain), 4 on the Great on a slider windchest, a Violon extended and duplexed at 16 and 8ft. between Great and Pedal, and a Pedal 16ft. Bourdon. An octave coupler was provided for the Great organ. Of the original Great/Pedal stops the Violon, Bourdon and Open Diapason survive, together with a 4ft. Flute now incorporated in an 85 note extended rank.

The stop list of the the 1911 organ appears to have been:

Great                                           Swell

Violon 16ft.                                   Geigen 8ft.

Open Diapason 16ft.                       Echo Diapason 8ft.

Geigen 8ft.                                    Viola di Gamba 8ft.

Stopped Diapason 8ft.                     Leiblich Gedeckt 8ft.

Echo Diapason (from Swell)             Octave Diapason 4ft.

Flute 4ft.                                       Twelve 2ft.

                                                    Fifteenth 2ft.

Octave Coupler                               Trumpet 8ft.

Swell to Great                                Tremulant


Bourdon 16ft.

Violon 16ft.

Cello 8ft.

Swell to Pedal, Great to Pedal

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